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Published on-line at 12:52:17 PM on Thursday, October 6th, 2011

Work on the hall of residence of Polo Scientifico are resumed

After a year of stop, take up the work on the hall of residence within the Polo Scientifico, whose term is scheduled now for January 2012.

Blocked by a year because of the arrangement of the Consorzio Etruria, the site of the new hall of residence "Villa Val di Rose" within the Polo Scientifico will reopen next week and will end in early January 2012.

The work was entrusted by the University of Florence to the Cellini cooperative at Prato and provides for the completion of the plant and some external work. Currently, many young people are forced to rent houses near the Pole at market prices very high. With the hall of residence, on the contrary, the rents will be calibrated to the substance, the distance from home and parents' income.

The total gross area of residence "Villa Val di Rose" is 4.486 m2, with 91 beds, two study rooms and other spaces for recreational activities that will be also available to other students of the Pole.

Source: Antonio Passanese in Corriere Fiorentino, October 6th, 2011, page 8