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Published on-line at 03:36:07 PM on Thursday, October 6th, 2011

LENS will host three project funded by MIUR under the "Future in Research" program

"Future in Research" program rewards the scientific research made in Tuscany with more than 4.5 million of euros for 8 projects powered by young researchers.

The Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research has announced the list of winning projects of the call "Future in Research": 55 million euros for 99 projects, 14 of which based in Tuscany. University and CNR of Florence won most of the funds with 8 projects about miniature laser, metabolism and male infertility, collaboration experiences between poets and painters, birth of the Italian language, hydrogen production, identification of harmful substances.

Margherita Citroni, on the left, Mariangela Di Donato, at the center, and Filippo Caruso, on the right.

Thanks to modern equipment which it is equipped, LENS will host three projects for a total of almost 1.8 million euros, together with CNR/INO and the Departments of Chemistry and Physics of the University of Florence: Study of the flow of energy and charge in new ad-hoc systems: towards intelligent systems for organic photovoltaic coordinated by Mariangela di Donato, Simulators of optical transport in quantum photosynthetic systems and prospects for new technologies for solar energy, coordinated by Filippo Caruso, and Low environmental impact high-pressure photoinduced syntheses of energy vectors, coordinated by Margherita Citroni.

Massimo Inguscio commented on the news pointing out that "Florence is actually more of a lively reality, it puts the young researchers in a position to carry out their research, attracting them even from abroad". Also in this case, LENS confirmes to be one of the protagonists of Florence success in management its rich scientific resources.

Source: Gaetano Cervone, Corriere Fiorentino, October 4th, 2011, page 5