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Published on-line at 04:39:29 PM on Monday, October 24th, 2011

Low environmental impact high-pressure photoinduced synthesis of energy vectors

Margherita Citroni has won a grant of €660.100 by FIRB to develop new methods for synthesizing energy vectors thanks to high pressure techniques.

There are two main challenges in current global energy issue: production of energy and its transport. In the second case energy vectors such as hydrogen are useful and promising, but it's important to take into account the environmental impact of their synthesis. Today techniques are not so satisfactory and many research lines aim to develop new vectors and methods to improve energy transport and storage efficiency.

Margherita Citroni

During the next four years, LENS will host a project funded by Future in Research program of Italian MIUR and coordinated by Margherita Citroni: high pressure physics techniques can be the key to discover and apply new synthesis methods for hydrogen and nitrogenous compounds. By varying external pressure it is possibile to tune atomic and molecular reactivity of sample and drive structural changes with great precision by optical catalysts. The aim is to improve hydrogen synthesis efficiency only by pressure and optical methods and discover useful and stable structures of nitrogenous compounds, also by studying the effects of the presence of appropriate stabilizer molecules.