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Published on-line at 04:16:09 PM on Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

Photo gallery of LENS 20th anniversary now available

Some unpublished shots of what happened that amazing day in October 18th, including cakes and seminars, music and science...

After forty days, a complete gallery of LENS 20th anniversary is finally ready. Science, music, Nobel prizes, food and nice people animated and embellished the birthday party of an institution that has always focused on the scientific excellence and an interdisciplinary approach.

Just a few days ago the University of Florence published a long interview to LENS director Diederik Wiersma in its bimonthly newsletter: you can find it here (only in Italian). This last contribution adds to the good media coverage that LENS had during its twentieth birthday: you can find a complete selection here. And finally you can find here some seminars held that day, with video and slides.

But enough words, let the pictures tell the story of that day...

[slideshow=LENS_20th_anniversary | dark | Photos by Marco De Pas and Alessio Cimarelli]The 20th anniversary party[/slideshow]