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Published on-line at 11:22:27 AM on Monday, February 6th, 2012

New IR laser technique to detect traces of radiocarbon

It will be useful to determine the age of archaeological with a higher precision than before.

Paolo De Natale and his team within CNR-INO research activity has developed a new high-sensibility infrared laser technique to detect radiocarbon traces in archaeological. It will be useful to determine their age with a higher precision than before and in extreme conditions of very low concentrations.

Some newspaper and magazine shoot the news as evidenced by CNR-INO press review (here and here). Below is the regional television news about the finding (only in Italian), with scenes shooting in LENS labs.

TGR Toscana (02-05-2012 7:30pm)

[video=720 576]TGR-Toscana_20120205_1930_001012000-001219200_CNR-INOA[/video]

Source: CNR-INO Press Office