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Published on-line at 05:34:03 PM on Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

Weak localization of light in superdiffusive random systems

Matteo Burresi, Romolo Savo, Kevin Vynck, Diederik Wiersma on PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS (PHYS REV LETT)

First experimental observation of weak localization of light on superdiffusive materials.

Our experimental observation of weak localization of light on superdiffusive materials is the first one concerning interference effects in these systems. We show how the phenomenon can be used to address the open problem of superdiffusion in finite-size systems and why it can be considered as the first step towards a better understanding and control of waves transport in superdiffusive and fractal systems. In such fractal disordered media the regime of light transport can be controlled at will, from diffusive (standard) regime to an anomalous transport regime, called superdiffusion. These materials are called Lévy glasses because light transport obeys Lévy statistics, a very interdisciplinary concept that occurs for instance in biology in animal foraging, social human behaviour, propagation of earth quakes, and in economy (e.g. the evolution of the stock market). In physics our work can inspire further ones about transport of electrons in solids, acustic waves and matter waves.

Source: Physical Review Letters

  • Title:
  • Weak Localization of Light in Superdiffusive Random Systems
  • Authors:
  • Burresi, M Radhalakshmi, V Savo, R Bertolotti, J Vynck, K Wiersma, DS
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