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Published on-line at 10:56:15 AM on Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

EPS-SIF International School on Energy: new strategies for energy generation, conversion and storage

European and Italian Physical Societies present a joint international school on energy, directed by Dr. Diederik Wiersma and coordinated by Dr. Matteo Burresi.

The primary goal of the school will be to present all physics fields with relevance for the technologies of energy production, conversion, transmission and savings. Their potential will be presented but also the need for more research and development to fully unfold it will be indicated. For this purpose, basic lectures and topical seminars will be presented by specialists in their field.

The school will cover major fields in detailed lectures but it will also serve as a forum of discussions. It brings together scientists working in various energy related areas. The following fields will be covered by lectures or seminars: solar photovoltaic and photothermal sources, hydro, wind, biomass, fossils, fission, fusion, energy saving technology, climate issues along with other topics where physics plays a role. The lectures will also identify cases where more research is necessary. In order to ensure a lively and up-to-date School, there will be plenary sessions going over several days and topical seminars.

Course I: "New strategies for energy generation, conversion and storage"

Deadline for Application: 30 June 2012.

Participation fee: €900,00 (for attendance, full board, lodging and Proceedings)

Source: SIF website