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Published on-line at 03:17:55 PM on Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

Absolute gravity acceleration measurement in atomic sensor laboratories

Marella De Angelis, Nicola Poli, Marco Prevedelli, Fiodor Sorrentino, Guglielmo Maria Tino on ADVANCED MICRODEVICES AND SPACE SCIENCE SENSORS (P SOC PHOTO-OPT INS)

Sesto Fiorentino achieves EPJ Plus cover as the main location of one of the most precise measures of the gravitational acceleration g.

The European Physical Journal Plus has just reported a high precision measurement of gravitational acceleration g performed by researchers of LENS and University of Florence actived in gravimetry and metrology field.

View of the FG5 gravimeter installed in the atom interferometry laboratory Rb lab at the Department of Physics in Sesto Fiorentino.

Sesto Fiorentino city so achieves the cover of an European scientific journal as location of two important gravity-related experiments for the measurement of gravitational constant G and the test of the gravity on micrometric spatial resolution.

To obtain an accurate value of g, depending on the experimental location, researchers have used the Microg-LaCoste FG5#238 ballistic absolute gravimeter in two labs, one at LENS and one at Department of Physics and Astronomy. Core of the instrument is a free falling corner cube reflector in a vacuum chamber whose position is determined by a laser interferometer. After taking into account some systematic errors, final results were gLENS = 9.804921606(40) m/s2 and gDept. = 9.804920483(30) m/s2.

These precision in gravitational measurements is important for example to calibrate and initialize experiments, in geophysics, engineering prospecting and inertial navigation. Concepts behind cold atom interferometry are also very useful in time measurements, for example to build ultra-precises clocks.

Source: European Physical Journal Plus

  • Title:
  • Absolute gravity acceleration measurement in atomic sensor laboratories
  • Authors:
  • de Angelis, M. and Greco, F. and Pistorio, A. and Poli, N. and Prevedelli, M. and Saccorotti, G. and Sorrentino, F. and Tino, G.
  • Source: