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Published on-line at 03:53:18 PM on Monday, May 28th, 2012

Innovative technologies for clean and smart cities

Entrepreneurs, technological districts and representatives from politics and institutions will discuss about land development and smart cities.

Smart city is a concept at the frontier of urban centers-related land development topic. Creating a smart city means combining sustainable economic and social growth, using innovation and technology as tools to enable transformation processes. These objectives require governance capabilities, as well as appropriate political, economic and social skills, that would lead to intelligent and responsible use of available resources and technologies in a logic of strong interdependence with the themes of mobility, security, efficiency, quality and environmental sustainability.

All these topics will be discussed on Friday, June 1st during the workshop "Innovative technologies for clean and smart cities", organized by Is-Tech and the Technology Centre of Navacchio. Entrepreneurs, technical and technological districts and representatives from politics and institutions will meet together to highlight and emphasize different possible solutions, which will be implemented in the near future, encouraged by the demands of citizens, the working population and the implications of national and European normative.

Friday, June 1st at 10.00 - Auditorium Polo Tecnologico di Navacchio - via Giuntini, 13 - Navacchio di Cascina (PI)

All meeting is open without any fee, but a registration is requested mailing to orlandipolotecnologico.it or alderigipolotecnologico.it .

Source: Polo Tecnologico