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Published on-line at 10:41:23 AM on Monday, October 22nd, 2012

Open positions in Europe for PhD and Post-doc

Seven open positions in European research centers and universities.

Turin, Italy

Postdoc position in the group of Materials and Processes for Micro & Nano Technologies of the Politecnico di Torino, Italy on biophotonics within the framework of an European FP7 project on optical biosensing. The successful candidate will be involved in the design of proper photonic nanostructures aimed at biosensing and the setting up of dedicated experimental arrangements for fluorescence/based and label-free detection of molecular biomarkers. In addition, the successful candidate will participate to activities related to surface functionalization and chemical patterning of the photonic transducers. Duration: 3 years. For further information, please contact Emiliano Descrovi (emiliano.descrovipolito.it) or Fabrizio Giorgis (fabrizio.giorgispolito.it).

Lausanne, Switzerland

Postdoc position at NAM, EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland on molecular lifetime engineering. The objective of this project is to use advanced plasmonic nanostructures to engineer radiative and non-radiative decay rates in molecular systems. The project will include setting up a lifetime measurement setup based on a PicoQuant system, nanofabrication of plasmonic nanostructures and the corresponding modelling. Duration: up to 4 years. Requirements: strong expertise in nanofabrication and modelling already exist in the NAM. We are looking for a collaborator with skills in lifetime measurements and/or microscopy and optical measurements. The candidate should ideally have expertise in lifetime measurements or a very strong background in optical microscopy, a proven track record in scientific publications and a strong interest for molecular interactions with plasmonic systems. Further info at NAM website.

Wien, Austria

PhD position at Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT), Wien, Austria on Active Plasmonics with Responsive Hydrogels. The project focuses on new biosensor schemes that take advantage of actuating of surface plasmons and active hydrogel-based binding matrices. The project embraces the development of new hybrid metal-polymer responsive nanostructures with specific optical properties and their implementation to novel biosensors exploiting (localized) surface plasmon resonance and surface plasmon-enhanced fluorescence spectroscopy. Contacts: Jakub Dostalek (jakub.dostalekait.ac.at) or Maria Mauer (maria.maurerait.ac.at).

Copenhagen, Denmark

PhD position at DTU, Copenhagen, Denmark on SERS for monitoring lung infections Contacts: Professor Anja Boisen (tel: +45 45255727) or Assistant Professor Michael Stenbaek Schmidt (tel: +45 45255846).

Göteborg, Sweden

Postdoc position in ultrafast magnetism and plasmonics at Chalmers, Göteborg, Sweden. Previous experience with ultrafast optical studies is a prerequisite. Strong interest / previous experience in nano-optics / nanoplasmonics as well as in time-resolved MOKE is a merit. Contact: Alexandre 'Sascha' Dmitriev (alexdchalmers.se). Further datails at Functional Optoelectronic Nanomaterials website.

Postdoc in nanoplasmonics and thin-film photovoltaics at Chalmers, Göteborg, Sweden. This postdoc position is within multipartner European project on thin-film photovoltaics. Requirements: previous experience with various kinds of nanofabrication, strong interest / previous experience in nano-optics / nanoplasmonics. Further info here. Contact: Alexandre 'Sascha' Dmitriev (alexdchalmers.se).

Joensuu, Finland

Postdoc positions at the University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu, Finland. Contact: Pasi Vahimaa (Pasi.Vahimaajoensuu.fi).