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Page updated at 09:23:56 AM on Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

HALG - High average power light source in the green

Funded with €43,000.00 for 18 months (from January, 2011 to June, 2012) by Ministero degli Affari Esteri Italiano

Person in charge: Francesco Saverio Cataliotti
LENS members: Leonardo Fallani, Chiara Fort

Engineering non-linear crystals to doubling high power second-harmonic laser frequency.

KD*P crystals, including one with very large size. From rp-photonics.com, credits by Eksma Optics.

Many important industrial applications need compact and efficient laser sources with high power: some examples are printing, semiconductors ispection, microlithography, biosensors and more. In addition to standard sources such as Argon ions, HeCd gases or Nd:YAG lasers, non-linear processes in solid-state crystals can be used to double the frequency of a solid-state laser that emits in red region and so obtain a green beam.

This frequency conversion has already been obtain via non-linear crystals such as KTP and LBO, but higher level of resistence is needed to ensure reliability in high power regime. LBO crystal is the most suitable for this use, but in its standard configuration it doesn't resist to high power fluxes.

Within project partnership, Raicol Crystal will develop suitable LBO cystals with desired properties, Quanta System will design and realize a novel second-harmonic laser cavity, and finally LENS and INO will totally characterize the laser source and the output laser beam, especially in high power regime.



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