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Page updated at 12:43:23 PM on Monday, May 21st, 2012

ENCORE - Enhanced Computational Resources from Individual Atom Control

Funded with €200,000.00 for 36 months (from March, 2010 to February, 2013) by IIT within SEED 2009 Edition

Person in charge: Leonardo Fallani
LENS members: Francesco Saverio Cataliotti, Jacopo Catani, Nicole Fabbri

Manipulating ytterbium ultracold atoms to qubit encoding for quantum computation.

The computational power of classical computers have been steadily increasing in time since the introduction of solid-state transistors, but a computer based on a classical architecture is however unable to solve computing tasks of high complexity degree, such as those related to ab-initio simulation of complex quantum-mechanical problems. A totally new upsurge in computing power could be achieved by building new architectures based on a fundamentally quantum technology.

A sample of ytterbium crystal. Image by webelements.com

Different physical systems for the implementation of quantum protocols can be considered and this project is focused on laser-cooled neutral atoms because of their weak coupling with the environment and the possibility to control and manipulate individual atoms in a scalable way and with extremely long coherence times. The objective is to use such atoms as qubit (quantum bits) that may be able to replace, and overcome in their operation, the bits on which is based classical architecture of current computers.

During the project a quantum register will be designed and realized using a large number of trapped atoms whose internal state encoding qubits is well-protected against decoherence. Innovative single-atom techniques could anable control on individual qubit and the possibility of creating quantum logic gates and entanglement between any of the atoms in the register. This would constitute the building block for the realization of an atom-based quantum computer.



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