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Page updated at 12:43:23 PM on Monday, May 21st, 2012

DISQUA - Disorder physics with ultracold quantum gases

Funded with €2,500,000.00 for 60 months (from March, 2010 to February, 2015) by European Commission within FP7 Ideas

Person in charge: Massimo Inguscio
LENS members: Marco Fattori, Chiara Fort, Giovanni Modugno, Giacomo Roati

Atomic Bose and Fermi degenerate gases in optical potentials to investigate disorder and nonlinearity in many-body systems.

A typical experimental setup to manage Bose-Einstein condensates in optical lattice.

Disorder is ubiquitous in nature and has a strong impact on the behavior of many physical systems. The most celebrated effect of disorder is Anderson localization of single particles, but many other more complex phenomena arise in interacting, many-body systems. A full understanding of how disorder affects the behavior of quantum systems is still missing, also because of the unavoidable presence of nonlinearities, dissipation and thermal effects that make a careful exploration of real condensed-matter systems very difficult.

Increasing disorder in speckle potential.

This project aims to fully exploit the unprecedented potentialities offered by ultracold atomic quantum gases to explore some of the present challenges for our understanding of the physics of disorder. In particular we will employ atomic Bose and Fermi gases with tunable interactions and advanced diagnostic techniques that we have recently contributed to develop: these tools offer indeed the possibility of controlling to a great extent crucial parameters such as the type of disorder, the nonlinearities due to interactions, the temperature and density, the dimensionality, the quantum statistics. They also allow to gain detailed information on the static and dynamic properties of the system. An experimental exploration, supported by advanced theory, of the current issues in disordered quantum systems will be also perform.

A successful completion of the project will push forward our understanding of the behavior of quantum systems with disorder, with a potentially large impact on many fields of physics. In particular, we will investigate a few frontier themes of general interest:

  • Anderson localization and the interplay of disorder and a weak interaction;
  • strongly correlated, disordered bosonic systems;
  • disordered, interacting fermionic systems.


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