Incontri di Micro e Nano Fotonica

Encounters of Micro- and Nanophotonics

Micro- and nanophotonics has experienced a tremendous progress in recent years and it now spans plasmonics and optical metamaterials, photonic crystals, mesoscopic and disordered photonic structures, as well as hybrid light-matter systems, including optomechanical devices. Relevant applications are, for instance, in the field of sensing, light harvesting, photonic quantum technologies and ICT.

We find ourselves at LENS in the privileged position of having most of these expertise spread in several laboratories and groups, with the confidence that a great added value comes from collaborating and sharing.

We are hence continuously shaping a virtual place for training and exchange, based on regular workshop/meetings named "Incontri di Micro e Nano Fotonica". During meetings which take place every second week, young researchers and PhD students present and debate different topics in micro- and nanophotonics relevant to our institute, but also of general interest.

With the motto "there are no stupid questions!", we always encourage discussion. In a workshop spirit, new ideas and proposals are fostered by discussion in small groups, enriching the broad micro- and nanophotonics community at LENS.

This experience is becoming an important part of the training for PhD students, who are stimulated to become protagonist of the on-going research and dissemination activities in our campus.

Join us!

Dr. Mario AgioDr. Costanza Toninelli
Dr. Matteo BurresiDr. Francesca Intonti

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