Press Kit

This page is intended to be a resource for LENS staff and others in design and publication efforts. All people can use the LENS logo on their publications, documentation and advertising, but please note that the use of LENS logo is governed by our Graphic Identity Guidelines.

LENS research activity (Attività di ricerca del LENS)
Official brochure about LENS (Brochure ufficiale del LENS)
LENS Graphic Identity Guidelines (Linee guida per l'uso dell'identità grafica del LENS)
Official LENS 20th anniversary logo
Official LENS logo
Official LENS logo (black and white negative)
Official LENS logo (black and white positive)
Official LENS logo (for dark background)
Official LENS logo (grayscale negative)
Official LENS logo (grayscale with yellow stars)
Official LENS logo (greyscale positive)
LENS in numbers (brochure insert)