Starting from the XXXIX cycle, every PhD student is required to follow courses for a total of 30 CFUs, 6 of which must be for soft and complementary skills. As a general rule, students are recommended to accumulate their 30 CFUs during the first two years. It is mandatory for all students to attend: (1) one module of Imaging and microscopy, (2) Spectroscopy, (3) Light-matter interaction, and (4) Science communication (preferably during the first year), which are all organised by the LENS PhD school. All other CFU can be collected from seminars—1 CFU every 3 seminars—or from courses organised by the LENS PhD school or by other PhD schools at UniFI. Attendance to 1 GEP-seminar is mandatory. 

According to the definition adopted by the University of Florence, one CFU corresponds to 25 hours of total work, including both frontal lectures and individual study. 

By December of the first year, every student shall submit their study plan with the courses chosen for the three years. Each study plan shall undergo the approval of the Teaching Committee, after hearing the student’s Tutor.

At the end of each course, the students shall pass an examination; modalities of the examination will be agreed by the Teaching Committee and by the course teacher(s).


Courses at LENS in 2023-2024

Scientific writing* (3 CFU), G. Santambrogio

Mondays 12-14, aula Querzoli, beginning 29th of January

Microscopy and Imaging (basics) (3 CFU), R. Cicchi


Tue 9 Apr - 9:30/11:30 - Wave Equations and light-matter interaction (reflection, refraction, dispersion, interference) (GARDINI)

Tue 23 Apr - 9:30/11:30 - Ray optics, lenses, optical systems, matrix optics (CICCHI)

Tue 7 May - 9:30/11:30 - Contrast mechanisms: absorption, scattering, fluorescence (GARDINI)

Tue 14 May - 9:30/11:30 - Optical microscopy, magnification, resolution (SILVESTRI)

Tue 21 May - 9:30/11:30 - Wide field, confocal, and non-linear microscopies (CICCHI)

Tue 28 May - 9:30/11:30 - Detectors and processing of digital images (SILVESTRI)


Light-matter interaction (3 CFU), F. Cappelli

Beginning late spring 2024

Science communication* (3 CFU), G. Santambrogio and C. Sias

Each student will give 3 presentation. The presentations will be of different lengths; one on a topic selected by the student, one is assigned by the teachers, the last one on the student's PhD thesis work. 

Begins on the 6th of February. Tuesday and Wednesday, 12-14h in aula Querzoli


Python for data analysis (3 CFU), G. Mazzamuto and A. Scaglione

Beginning in spring 2024


Smart Polymers for photonics and medicine (2 CFU), D. Martella and C. Parmeggiani



Courses at LENS in 2025

Microscopy and Imaging (advanced) (3 CFU), R. Cicchi
Spectroscopy (3 CFU), P. Foggi
Science communication* (3 CFU), G. Santambrogio and C. Sias

*Course valid for “soft and complementary skills”