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The interdisciplinary and international research at LENS results in a rich training program aimed at both graduates and young PhDs in all areas of covered research. LENS training offer includes an international PhD School in synergy with University of Florence and other prestigious European Universities and a Post Doctoral Fellowship program, both partially supported by the EU Marie Curie Actions funded by the European Commission in various scientific disciplines and the European Erasmus Mundus program. Students and Post Docs not only have access to valuable research tools, but they also participate in training programs involving broad seminar series, including the prestigious Enrico Fermi Colloquium, given by high-profile members of the international scientific community. Within the photonics research area a series of workshops about micro- and nanophotonics for PhD students is ongoing. Each year several scholarships are available for students. Moreover, the active presence of the laboratory in the Laser Lab - Europe II consortium, constituted by 26 large laser infrastructures operating in 16 different European countries, provides a valuable opportunity for scientific training and for inclusion in the research lines with the highest international importance.
Upcoming Seminars
Here is the list of scheduled seminars at LENS. To see the full list you can visit the Archive page.
Gabriele Corbizzi Fattori
June 21, 2023
Come possiamo promuovere uno stato “armonico di salute” delle persone impegnate nella relazione organizzata sul lavoro?