Laserlab Remote Access Rules


In the context of the COVID-19 crisis, Laserlab-Europe allows voluntary Access Providing Infrastructures to implement Remote Access for a trial period ending in March 2021.
Remote Access can only be implemented once the Principal Investigator and the Host Facility both agree on carrying the experiment in Remote Access and have reached an agreement on how to proceed.

In particular, Remote Access will have to strictly respect the following conditions:

  • Condition 1: Remote Access must be based on a strong and auditable involvement of the user(s):
    • The user(s) should be directly involved, usually on a daily basis, via video link, and must actively participate in the different steps and decisions during the experiment.
    • Proofs of such involvement (e.g. minutes of the video discussions on the lab books) shall be kept for audit purposes
    • The remote users shall fill a form certifying the amount of remote access provided to them

  • Condition 2: the Unit Cost claimed for Remote Access must be the same as for Physical Access.

LENS remote access rules

  1. Local contact of the project designates two laboratory assistants among the LENS technical/scientific staff. They will be in charge of the experiments for the entire duration of the project. The local contact and/or one of the laboratory assistants will sign the laboratory time sheet to account for the daily hours dedicated to the project.
  2. Local contact asks for the activation of a google account for the external user  
  3. Local contact sets a google-drive folder shared with the laboratory assistants and the user that will be the laboratory digital notebook.
  4. On the first day of the project an access key will be assigned to the laboratory assistants and to the user. They will use it to update the project digital notebook.
  5. Each day the external user will certify the access on the project notebook
  6. At the end of the project external user will send the time sheet certifying the hours dedicated to the project. This time sheet, signed by the user, will be sent as a PDF file and then signed by the local contact.
  7. An experiment day consists of at least 8 hours achieved by summing the in presence laboratory activity and the activity remotely done. 

Dedicated form can be found here: