Final exam of PhD course 36° cycle - afternoon session April 15 2024
Wed, 17 Apr 2024, 10:36 a.m.

On  Monday April 17 2024 , the students of the Atomic and Molecular Photonics 36th cycle course received their Ph D at LENS: Simone Donato, Niamh Brady and Muhammad Ali Umair:

Simone Donato - Thesis "Liquid crystalline networks: from reactive mesogen design to the development of artificial muscles and micrometric actuators"  

Niamh Brady - Thesis "Brain-wide mapping of the full intact mouse brain with micrometre-scale resolution: Enhanced expansion microscopy and light-sheet microscopy for large tissue applications" 

Muhammad Ali Umair - Thesis "Versatile systems for visible light communication (VLC): from optical antennas based on fluorescent concentrators to software defined radio (SDR)-based receivers" 

Gaudia Mantelli