Final exam of PhD course 36° cycle - morning session April 15 2024
Wed, 17 Apr 2024, 10:08 a.m.

On  Monday April 15 2024 , the students of the Atomic and Molecular Photonics 36th cycle course received their Ph D at LENS: Nicolò Antolini, Chiara Caldini and Luca Cavicchioli:

Nicolò Antolini - Thesis "Exploring Novel Quantum Phases in Ultracold Magnetic Gases Dipolar supersolids and ferromagnetic phases in spinor condensates" 

Chiara Caldini - Thesis "Development of an optical system for three-dimensional multicolour super-resolution microscopy and its application to the study of
subcellular compartmentalization" 

Luca Cavicchioli - Thesis "From superfluids to droplets: quantum phenomena with a tunable Bose-Bose mixture" 

Gaudia Mantelli