New Career Opportunity at LABS: 3D Image Analysis Expertise Wanted!
Thu, 21 Dec 2023, 04:18 p.m.

🔍🖥️ New Career Opportunity at LABS: 3D Image Analysis Expertise Wanted! 🖥️🔍

We're excited to announce a new career opportunity at LABS for enthusiasts in the field of fluorescence microscopy! We are looking for a skilled and innovative professional to join our team for the project: "Development and Application of Tools for the Analysis of 3D Images Acquired with Advanced Fluorescence Microscopy."

Why You Should Be Interested:

🚀 Your Role: You'll be at the forefront of optimizing and developing software for analyzing 3D images from advanced fluorescence microscopy, transforming the way we understand biological structures.

🧠 Challenging and Rewarding Work: Engage in post-processing of volumetric stacks to achieve complete fused volumes of 3D reconstructions and extract valuable data for groundbreaking research.

💡 Tech-Forward Environment: Work with cutting-edge technology in image analysis, handling large data sets, and applying statistical methods for groundbreaking discoveries.

We Need You to Have:

✅ Passion for software development, particularly in image analysis and processing.

✅ Eagerness to work with large data sets and employ statistical analysis methods.

✅ A strong interest in applying your skills to advance the field of neuroscience and fluorescence microscopy.

😀 Be Part of Something Big:

This is your chance to contribute to a project that's pushing the boundaries of scientific exploration in the fascinating world of fluorescence microscopy.

🔗 Ready to Apply? For more details and to submit your application, visit: 3D Image Analysis Career Opportunity

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Francesco Saverio Pavone