Seminar Emanuele Distante February 28 4:00pm
Wed, 23 Feb 2022, 04:04 p.m.

Title: Quantum network with photon-mediated interactions between distant modules

The ability to process the quantum information of flying photonic qubits using stationary memory qubits opens up new prospects in quantum networks. The photonic qubits can be employed to mediate the interaction between distant quantum network modules containing the memory qubits. Among other applications, this allows to realize controllable quantum gate between distant network modules.
After introducing a quantum network module based on single-atom cavity QED, I will show how two distant modules connected by an optical fiber link can effectively interact via a single photon travelling in the fiber. I will then describe how we use this interaction to implement logic gates and to transfer quantum information between the modules. Finally, I will show how photons can be used to measure nondestructively maximally entangled states of two distant qubits.

Aula Querzoli LENS

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