Name Surname Topic Supervisor Co-Tutor
Nicolò Antolini G. Modugno
Chiara Caldini L. Gardini
Luca Cavicchioli F. Minardi
Ludovica Donati F. S. Cataliotti
Simone Donato C. Parmeggiani
Brady Niamh L. Silvestri
Ali Umair J. Catani
XXXV Cycle
Name Surname Topic Supervisor Co-Tutor
Joep Assendelft G. Tino
Satvika Bandarupalli N. Poli
Filippo Maria Castelli L. Silvestri
Caterina Dallari F. S. Pavone
Tecla Gabbrielli A. Zavatta
Jessica Lucchesi L. A. Mascaro
Tommaso Petrucciani M. Fattori
Andrea Ranfagni F. Marin
Andrea Ristori F. Biccari
Sebastiano Romi R. Bini
Name Surname Topic Supervisor Co-Tutor
Bruno Grandinetti Development Of Myocardial Implants And Devices Based On Stimuli-responsive Materials D. S. Wiersma
Laura Perego A Novel System That Combines Optical Manipulation And Force Microscopy To Reveal The Mechanisms Of Human Stem Cells Differentiation M. Capitanio
Pietro Ricci Optogenetic Patterned Photostimulation In A 2-photon Light-sheet Fluorescence Microscope F. S. Pavone
Marco Seminara Investigation of systems for wireless visible light communication J. Catani
Maria Taddei Spectroscopic study of light activated molecular switches P. Foggi
Daniele Tusi L. Fallani
Name Surname Topic Supervisor Co-Tutor
Stefano Benci
Sara Catalini
Isabella De Bellis
Giulia Delli Santi P. De Natale
Chiara Fornetto
Alessandra Franceschini
Santiago Hernandez Gomez N. Fabbri
Elena Montagni
Alessia Sorgi P. Cancio Pastor
Paolo Vezio F. Marin
Enlong Wang
Name Surname Topic Supervisor Co-Tutor
Alice Boschetti Random lasers for criptography applications D. Wiersma
Elena Castellucci Ultrafast spectroscopic characterization of new materials for photovoltaic applications M. Di Donato Prof. Paolo Foggi (univ. Perugia)
Maja Colautti Nanophotonic Simulators of Biological Light-Harvesting Phenomena F. Caruso
Do Hoang-Van Generation and Control of non-classical states on an Atom Chip F. Cataliotti
Erica Lazzeri Mesoscale imaging of the cardiac conduction system L. Sacconi
Flavia Lupi Polymer based photonic structures D. Wiersma
Marta Marana High-pressure high-temperature behaviour in Fe-Ni-Al alloys: implications for their formation in the Khatyrka meteorite R. Bini
Maurizio Verde Random lasers for criptography applications G. Santambrogio
Tiziano Vignolini Single Molecule and super-resolution imaging of drug-uptake by bacteria with antimicrobial resistance M. Capitanio
XXXI Cycle
Name Surname Topic Supervisor Co-Tutor
Nicola Biagi Hybrid entanglement and quantum teleportation M. Bellini
Simona Checcucci Mie resonators for photonic applications M. Gurioli
Emilia Conti All optical rehabilitation after stroke A. Mascaro
Naomi Falsini Ultrafast melting and crystallization dynamics of simple molecules under pressure R. Bini
Giovanni Ferioli Quantum entanglement generation with atomic Bose Einstein condensates in a double well potential M. Fattori
Francesco Poggiali Quantum sensing with spin defects in diamond N. Fabbri Prof. Paola Cappellaro (MIT)
Lapo Turrini Real-time imaging and optical control of neural activity in zebrafish F. Vanzi
XXX Cycle
Name Surname Topic Supervisor Co-Tutor
Enrico Baria Multimodal imaging for tissue diagnostics by combined two-photon and Raman microscopy R. Cicchi no
Chiara Calvagna Dynamical aspects of hydrophobic and hydrophilic solvation from time resolved infrared experiments R. Righini no
Annamaria Campa Quantum Cascade Laser-based comb-referenced measurements of terahertz molecular transitions S. Bartalini no
Michele De Regis Room temperature nonlinear generation of THz radiation for high precision spectroscopy and imaging P. De Natale no
Cristina Giubani Morpho-functional imaging of tissues by time-resolved fluorescence microscopy F. Vanzi no
Lorenzo Livi New quantum simulations with ultracold Ytterbium gases L. Fallani no
Dmitry Nuzhdin Light propagation in correlated disordered structures D. Wiersma & H. Kalt Erasmus mundus (Univ. Karlsruhe, KIT)
Francesco Utel Photonic properties of structures with resonant behavior D. Wiersma no
XXIX Cycle
Name Surname Topic Supervisor Co-Tutor
Luca Costanzo Hybrid quantum state and mode engineering of light M. Bellini no
Antonino Di Giovanna Brain Vasculature Imaging with Two-photon and Light Sheet Microscopy F. Pavone no
Sandra Doria Energy Flow in Complex Molecular Systems: Spectroscopic Study by Static and Time-resolved Techniques P. Foggi and S. Lloyd Prof. Seth Lloyd
Ali Gheisari Novel Tools for Simultaneous Optogenetic Manipulation and Calcium Imaging in the Zebrafish Nervous System F. Pavone Karlsruher Institut fuer Technologie (KIT) (Erasmus Mundus)
Giacomo Insero High Precision Frequency Measurement on a CO Molecular Beam using a 6 m Coherent Source Referenced to a Fiber Delivered Absolute Standard P. De Natale no
Federico La China Deep sub-wavelength imaging of light confined in optical micro- and nano-resonators F. Intonti
Cosimo Lo Vecchio Control of Quantum Dynamics on an Atom-Chip F. Cataliotti No
Sara Nocentini Tunable polymeric photonic structures D. Wiersma no
Lorenzo Pattelli Imaging light transport at the femtosecond scale: a walk on the wild side of diffusion D. Wiersma no
Francesco Sarti Hybrid integration of quantum and classical emitters on silicon M. Gurioli NO
Demetrio Scelta Pressure-induced reactivity in confined systems R. Bini no
Giacomo Spagnolli Study of a Bose Einstein Condensate in a double well potential M. Fattori No
Name Surname Topic Supervisor Co-Tutor
Murtaza Ali Khan Nanometric Surface Probing through Ultra-cold Atoms F. Cataliotti Prof. Wolfram Pernice
Nicolo Azzaroli Optical set-up development and software interface of 2d-visible coherent spectroscopy experiment to investigate dynamics of multi-chromophoric molecular complexes R. Righini
Francesco Cappelli Quantum Cascade Lasers for mid-infrared spectroscopic and metrological Applications P. De Natale
Giacomo Cappellini Qubit encoding and quantum information with ultracold Ytterbium atoms J. Catani
Ho Chih-Hua Photonics and liquid crystal elastomers D. Wiersma
Stefano Conclave A bosonic mixture for the simulation of impurities and quantum magnetism in optical lattices F. Cataliotti
Lorenzo Cortese Realization and Characterization of 3D Photonic Amorphous Nanostructures D. Wiersma
Irene Costantini Whole-organ morphology explored by confocal light sheet microscopy F. Pavone Prof. Paul French (Imperial College, London)
Giacomo Mazzamuto Single Organic Molecules and Light Transport in Thin Films C. Toninelli
Tommaso Mazzoni Precision measurements and tests of fundamental physics with fermionic and bosonic isotopes of strontium atoms G. Tino
Matteo Prayer Galletti Studying transcription regulation through super-resolution microscopy and single molecule detection F. Pavone Prof. Federico Moran (univ. Complutense, Madrid)
Sahrish Rizvi Quantum emitters near Metallic Interfaces C. Toninelli
Mirkhalaf Safoura Entanglement detection via quantum Fisher information in a coupled atom-field system A. Smerzi
Giulia Semeghini Interaction, dimensionality and frustration: probing their interplay in disordered quantum systems G. Modugno
Name Surname Topic Supervisor Co-Tutor
Claudia Crocini Defects of excitation contraction coupling in cardiac disease explored by random access microscopy F. Pavone
Lorenzo Gori 1D bosons in optical lattices: from superfluid to Bose glass G. Modugno
Filippo Pratesi Disordered photonic membranes and their application to solar cells D. Wiersma
Elena Ragnoni Excited state dynamics of carbonyl carotenoids investigated by ultrafast vibrational and electronic spectroscopies. P. Foggi
Sara Rosi Interacting Bosons in optical lattices: optimal control ground state production, entanglement characterization and 1D systems M. Inguscio
Sepideh Zakeri Transport properties in one-dimensional Levy-type disordered media. D. Wiersma
Hao Zeng Light driven microscopy robot D. Wiersma
XXVI Cycle
Name Surname Topic Supervisor Co-Tutor
Fatma Zohra Bioud Microscopie de melange a quatre ondes resolue en polarisation pour sonder l'ordre moleculaire dans les milieux biologiques F. Pavone Prof. Sophie Brasselet
Samuele Fanetti Structure and reactivity of model molecules under pressure by non-linear spectroscopy R. Bini
Luca Gardini 3D tracking of single molecular motors F. Pavone
Alessandro Iagatti Charge and energy transfer in complex systems P. Foggi
Avinash Kumar One dimensional bosons: Atoms to molecules G. Modugno
Ilirjana Sino Spectroscopic investigation of toxic heavy metals in environmental samples from coastal area of Vlora in Albania using XRFS, AAS, LIBS M. Artoni
Luca Tanzi One-dimensional disordered bosons from weak to strong interactions: the Bose glass M. Inguscio
XXV Cycle
Name Surname Topic Supervisor Co-Tutor
Gionata Belcastro Combining single-molecule localization, optical trapping and microfluidics for the study of protein-DNA interaction F. Pavone
Massimiliano Locatelli Mid infrared digital holography and terahertz imaging P. De Natale
Marco Moratti Transport phenomena in disordered time-dependent potentials G. Modugno
Mauro Mozzoni Disordered potentials for ultracold atoms G. Modugno
Francesco Muniz Miranda Modelling of spectroscopic and structural properties using molecular dynamics V. Schettino
Barbara Patrizi Dissociation and geminate recombination of CO in truncated hemoglobins probed by ultrafast infrared spectroscopy P. Foggi
Constantina Polycarpou Adaptive detection of arbitrarily shaped ultrashort quantum light states M. Bellini