Dynamical processes in molecular systems and soft matter

The investigation of the dynamical properties of condensed matter remains one of the major topics in the material science. The dynamic processes we study span from the vibrational and electronic phenomena, taking place at the microscopic scale, to the structural/aggregation and transport processes covering the macroscopic scale of the materials. 

Part of our research focuses on Ultrafast Photochemical and Photophysical processes in molecular systems, dynamics of biomolecules and vibrational dynamics of pure liquids and solutions, including the electronic excitations of molecules and inter- and intra-molecular electronic energy-transfer processes. 

Research on Soft Matter focuses on the study of a variety of physical systems whose properties are intermediate between liquid and solid states. All these materials, despite their very different nature, share an important common physical feature: soft matter self-organizes into mesoscopic structures that strongly affects the macroscopic features of the materials.

 The experimental investigations are carried on by means of state-of-art optical techniques in which laser pulses, as short as a few tens of femtoseconds, are used to characterize the spectral and dynamical properties. The present experimental apparats include a series of non-linear time-resolved spectroscopy set-ups (e.g. 2D time-resolved, Optical Kerr Effect, Transient Absorption, THz Time Domain Spectroscopy), sided by more standard spectroscopic techniques (e.g. Raman, FT-IR, Spectrophotometer).


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