Hybrid quantum systems of atoms and ions (Li-Ba+)
In a hybrid quantum system of atoms and ions, ultracold atoms and trapped ions are combined in a single experimental apparatus, thus realizing an innovative platform to experimentally investigate open problems of quantum physics from a new standpoint. In fact, an atom-ion hybrid system not only brings together the advantages of each single physical system, but moreover gives rise to atom-ion interactions, which are approx. two orders of magnitude longer-ranged than ground-state atom-atom interactions. In our laboratory we pursue innovative strategies to observe atom-ion interactions at unprecedented low collisional energies, at which quantum coherence emerges, and atom-ion interactions can be used as a new tool in the quantum toolbox, e.g. for advancing quantum metrology and performing novel quantum simulations.
Official web site: http://quantumgases.lens.unifi.it/exp/BaLi