Leading-edge scientific research relies on leading-edge technology. TechLab is a collaboration fostering technological innovation of research laboratories, which is at the basis of top-level scientific results. Techlab exploits  the outstanding expertise of researchers, engineers and technicians of different institutions to create synergy and common technological innovation actions. In practice, several projects, ranging from complex optics and laser science to electronic systems and novel methodologies are periodically developed or improved, providing the whole group with the most advanced solutions through a constant R&D activity inspired directly to the researchers' needs. Physicists, engineers and technicians, involved in top-level scientific experiments, work side by side in this "scientific workshop", and help in pushing forward the technological frontline of scientific laboratories. Collaboration and know-how exchange with private partners are also key elements of TechLab.

Techlab is innovation, from science for science.

If you wish to push technological innovation forward in a stimulating and dynamic environment, side by side with top level-laboratories, join us!

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Jacopo Catani Group Leader