Quantum Sensing And Precision Measurements
Quantum sensing and precision measurements are among the most important branches of quantum science, with a tremendous technological impact. The foundational idea is exploiting the principles of quantum physics to build sensing devices and protocols with capabilities that surpass their classical analogues. Within the area of Quantum sensing and precision measurements, LENS researchers explore different technological approaches and platforms, ranging from atomic and molecular gases, to solid-state spin qubits, mid-IR and teraHertz spectroscopy, and optomechanics, with the goal of developing devices and setups with unprecedented performances in terms of precision, sensitivity, selectivity, and spatial resolution. Applications encompass gravimetry, magnetometry, thermometry, frequency metrology, and detection of low concentration of contaminants. Our ultra-precise quantum probes are also ideal test-grounds to investigate fundamental problems relevant for very diverse fields, including biochemistry, quantum thermodynamics, quantum field theory, and gravitational physics.
Research Groups