Diamond Quantum Nanoengineering

In the Diamond Quantum Nanoengineering lab, we study the quantum dynamics of single spins in the solid state, both for fundamental quantum science and for realizing new-generation quantum technologies at the nanoscale. We combine quantum optics and advanced magnetic resonance tools to detect and manipulate the spin of optically-active defects in diamond – so-called color centers, as well as to explore and control their interaction with the magnetic and spin environment. We aim at exploiting the quantum nature of these diamond spins to realize quantum algorithms, simulators, and high-precision sensors of local fields. We use coupled spins to investigate the emergence of decoherence in complex quantum systems, the relation between information and energy transport, the problem of quantum state protection in computational tasks. In the area of Quantum Sensing and precision measurements, we explore novel quantum tools based on single spins in diamond to develop magnetometers with nanoscale spatial resolution and sensitivity to single electron spins and, ultimately, to single nuclear spins. These quantum-enhanced solid-state sensors are a powerful tool for the study of nanomagnetism and 2D electronic transport, as well as for the detection of single protein for biomedical analytics, and also promise to give access to nanoscale magnetic resonance bioimaging.