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Dott. Andrea Richaud
Sept. 22, 2022
Dynamics of two-dimensional vortices
Emmanuel Zambrini Cruzeiro
Sept. 21, 2022
In this talk, I will introduce quantum correlations, one of the key aspects of quantum information theory, starting with the seminal example of Bell non-locality. I will review Bell’s theorem, which shows how quantum mechanics cannot be simulated classically. Generalizations of Bell non-locality and other types of quantum correlations will be outlined. Experimental research and applications of quantum correlations will be briefly discussed, with a focus on quantum communication using quantum optics and light-matter interaction.
Dott.ssa Vera Gheno
May 13, 2022
L'importanza di usare un linguaggio attento al genere nella società odierna
Alexander V Panfilov
April 22, 2022
Cardiac fibrosis is a well-known arrhythmogenic condition which can lead to sudden cardiac death.